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über evolutionäre zellen

Seoul, Korea, September-Oktober 2006

Präsentation von "evolutionäre zellen" in der Galerie "loop", Seoul: Artist Forum International 2006 will be presenting "Public Moment" as its first year's theme. There have been numerous discourses on publicness and public art. While these tend to focus on a place, such as public sites, "Public Moment" will pay close attention to processes of public communication, public interface, dialogue and exchange, and formation of public opinion. Subjects will include democracy and other historic values which led the public opinion; shift from local community to global community; and transformation of public sphere through advances in media technology. Also in our interest are various facets of encounter between art and public domain: alternative art market, relationship between art and press (media), artists and residencies.

AFI 2006 will explore these ideas through multiple platforms like exhibitions, discussions, workshops, and public projects. This year's AFI 2006 will take place in Seoul and few other major cities of Korea. With a new theme every year, AFI 2006 will present and question key issues of today's contemporary art. AFI 2006 is initiated by Alternative Space Network in Korea with goal to expand the scope of participation from various organizations, institutions, as well as individuals.


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